The Australian Longitudinal Study of Male Health report found negative mental health remains high among Australian men. Up to 25% of men experienced a diagnosed mental health disorder in their lifetime, and 15% experienced a disorder in any 12-month period. However, only a quarter of men said they would seek help from a mental health professional if they were experiencing personal or emotional problems.

Through community consultation, we’ve co-designed a three day program for young men from Sydney’s South-West that aimed to reduce isolation, and in turn create a community connection with each other. Over the course of the weekend, the boys spent the first two days skiing & snowboarding on the mountain, followed by a BBQ in the evenings. As a group, they also embarked on a horse riding adventure on the third day through the bush lands. This retreat was great a success, as we gave these men an opportunity to come together and enjoy a weekend away to relax and unwind. At Fitness for Purpose, we strive to break down barriers between men to assist form a community connection with each other, promoting social cohesion.

“Connectedness has the power to counterbalance adversity,” spoken by Dr Bruce D Perry.